9.780,00 ₺


NOTE: The price specified for our wooden gazebo model is the m2 price, and the prices of our gazebo models vary according to the material and model to be used. Wrought iron works are not included in the price

Features of Our Gazebo Model;

* It is 81 m2 with the dimensions of 9 m x 9 m (it is produced in the desired size)

* The roof cover is delivered with 950 cm x 950 cm eaves allowances included.

* Load-bearing poles with 14 x 14 cm material,

* Roof carriers with 6.5 x 15 cm material,

* Under the roof and scent sheds are wrought iron

* Double roof, membrane + shingle insulation on roof cover paneling,

* Imported wood water-based painted with protective properties for 5 years in the desired color,

* All of the materials to be used are impregnated against external factors and worms and insects.


Material Used and Gazebo Details:

All of our products are made resistant to blue-green mildew, worms, insects and rot in the TANALITH-E impregnation boiler.

You can order our modern gazebo model in desired colors and sizes

If you want, we also design projects that you will want to use as a winter garden by having it covered with sliding or folding glass. You can contact us for the wooden gazebo and modern gazebo prices you like.

Installation Service;

As Tabiat Wood, we will be happy to assist you to install any of our gazebo models you like as soon as possible with our trained and well-equipped staff. We have installation services in all regions of Turkey

Warranty & Maintenance:

All of our outdoor products are covered by a 2-year company warranty against production and workmanship defects and have a paint maintenance period every 5 years

Shipping & Delivery Time:

We have transportation all over Turkey.

(Out-of-Istanbul shipments are not included in the price)

15 working days from the date of order.

(Delivery date may be extended according to manufacturing intensity)

 As Tabiat wood, we offer you many more services and personalized production opportunities for wooden products in our company, which manufactures gazebos. Modern gazebo prices may vary due to the material to be used, the desired model and features. For the right material and the right price information in gazebo models, you can call us at 0 (533) 630 07 81 during working hours.

Our wooden modern gazebo models are not limited to the models we have made so far, but are limited to the new and modern style gazebo models that we will produce in order to provide you with better service, comfortable and different designs, and ease of use.

All of our gazebo models are handmade and made of wooden materials.

You can easily turn our modern gazebo models into a room by covering it with wooden materials at any time and use it as a closed space.

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