Our Wooden Dog Kennel Products for Your Pet Friends

Wooden dog house is an aesthetic solution that offers a comfortable and safe living space for your pet friends. With their natural material, durability and visual appeal, wooden dog kennels help your pet relax while adding beauty to your garden or terrace.

Advantages of Wooden Dog House

Natural Appearance

Since wood is a natural material, it adds a pleasant atmosphere to your garden or terrace and offers a harmonious appearance with the landscape.


Dog kennels produced using quality wooden materials are resistant to external effects and have a long life. Allows use.


Insideç With their design and insulation features, wooden dog kennels ensure that your pet is comfortable.


Wooden dog kennels can often be custom-designed in accordance with customer demands and can optionally be personalized by adding special details.

Wooden Dog House Features

Durable Material: Use of natural and durable wooden materials.

Insulation: Insulation features to provide protection against seasonal conditions.

Comfortable Interior Design:Suitable for placing a comfortable bed or pillow. design.

Air Holes: Air holes to ensure good air circulation.

Portability: Suitable design to ensure ease of transportation in case the hut is portable.

Wooden Dog House Production Stages

Design: Designing in accordance with customer demands and dog type.

Material Selection: Selection of natural and durable wooden material.

Cutting and Shaping: Cutting the wooden pieces and creating the main shape of the hut.

Processing and Assembly:Processing of wooden parts, adding details and assembly phase.

Insulation and Coating: Adding insulation material to the inside of the shed and treating the outer surface with appropriate coating.

Finishing: Polishing or painting the surface of the shed.

Control and Test: Quality control of the shed; and testing its durability.

Our Wooden Dog Kennel Projects

As Tabiat Ahsap, we offer wooden dog kennel projects that offer a comfortable and stylish living space for your pet friends. Each of our projects is specially designed taking into account customer demands and produced with quality materials. Our wooden dog kennels help your pets spend time in a comfortable and safe environment.

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