Prefabricated House Fast, Economical and Functional Housing Solutions

Prefabricated houses are fast, economical and environmentally friendly housing solutions that are created by combining pre-manufactured modular parts. These houses can be completed in a shorter time than traditional construction methods and offer advantages in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Advantages of Prefabricated Houses

Fast Construction

Prefabricated houses can be built quickly by assembling parts pre-produced in the factory. This provides significant time savings compared to traditional construction.


Costs are reduced thanks to mass production in the factory. In addition, the fast construction process, labor force. It also reduces costs.

Modular Design

Prefabricated houses have a modular design. In this way, the dimensions of the house, the layout of the rooms and other features can be personalized according to customer demands.

Energy Efficiency

Precise assembly of factory-produced parts ensures energy efficiency. Insulation and other energy-saving measures make prefabricated houses environmentally friendly.


Prefabricated houses have demountable and portable features. This gives homeowners the flexibility to relocate or make additions.

Stages of Prefabricated House Projects

Design: The stage of making special designs according to customer demands. Planning modular parts and taking measurements.

Production: Production of modular parts in the factory. Walls, ceiling, floor and other building elements are prepared at this stage.

Transportation: The produced modular parts are transported to the land where they will be built.

Assembly: Assembling the modular parts by bringing them together in the field.

Insideç Design:Inside electrical, plumbing, insulation and other details; Designing.

Finishing Processes: Completion of exterior cladding, painting works and other aesthetic details.

Quality Control: Quality control process for the safety and durability of homes.

Our Prefabricated House Projects

As Tabiat Ahsap, the prefabricated house projects we offer are housing solutions designed in line with customer demands, paying attention to energy efficiency and aesthetics. Each of our projects aims to meet our customers' expectations with a fast construction process, economic advantages and environmentally friendly features.

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