Wooden Epoxy Table TBT-2


Wooden Epoxy Table TBT-4

Epoxy Resin Tables

Epoxy resin tables are special table models that combine an aesthetically appealing, modern and artistic design. Epoxy resin, which is often combined with wood or metal materials, is used on these tables in the form of a cast sheet or recessed patterns.

Wood & Epoxy Resin River Tables

River tables, created by pouring epoxy resin between wooden blocks, emphasize the natural texture of wood and offer a modern design. In this design, the resin joins the wooden blocks and mimics the flow of water.

Metal and Epoxy Resin Intertwined Tables

Designs surrounded or intertwined with

metal strips create stunning visual effects when combined with epoxy resin. The cold and hard structure of the metal provides balance with the warm and fluid appearance of the resin.

Epoxy Resin Patterned Art Tables

Colored epoxy resin can be used to create patterns, paintings, or abstract artwork on the surface of the table. These tables combine art and function.

Wood Cutting and Epoxy Resin Standing Tables

Epoxy resin can be poured between tree slices to create free-standing table designs. Such table models can create a natural focal point in the middle of the room.

Epoxy resin tables colored with metallic pigments

Epoxy resin colored with metallic pigments can add dynamic and bright colors to the table surface. These designs offer a modern and stylish look.

Epoxy Resin Table Models Enriched with Crystals and Stones

Tables enriched with crystals, stones or other decorative elements in combination with epoxy resin create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.

Cell Effect Epoxy Resin Tables

By creating cells or air bubbles within epoxy resin, a unique and visually appealing effect can be achieved on the surface.

Epoxy resin tables covered with wooden blocks

Coating the wooden blocks with epoxy resin allows different colors and patterns to appear inside each block. This design makes each table unique.

These design examples illustrate the diversity and creativity of epoxy resin tables. Each model can be customized according to the style of the space and the aesthetic preferences of the user.

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