12.500,00 ₺


NOTE: The price specified for our modern style wooden gazebo model is the price per m2 the price does not include wooden floor platform covering. The prices of our gazebo models vary according to the material to be used (teak-iroko, etc.) and the model

Features of our modern gazebo model;

It is 16 m2 with dimensions of 400cm x 400cm (produced in desired size)

* The roof cover is delivered with 450 cm x 450 cm eaves allowances included.

* Load-bearing poles with 20x20cm material

* Roof carriers with 20x20 cm material

* Stepped double roof feature

* Modern style shutter with separator

* Imported wood water-based painted in the desired color with protective properties for 5 years

* All of the materials to be used are impregnated against external factors and worms and insects


Material Used and Gazebo Details:

All of our products are made resistant to blue-green mildew, worms, insects and rot in the TANALITH-E impregnation boiler.

Our modern wooden gazebo model is specially manufactured, its edges are enriched with shutter separator work, the roof cover is designed in double stages and a spacious roof appearance rising in the form of a pyramid is provided in the middle. The desired model can be produced in sizes suitable for your desired colors and areas.

As Tabiat Wood, we also design projects that you will want to use as a winter garden by covering all four sides of our gazebos with glass. You can contact us for wooden gazebo and garden camellia prices that suit your liking.

You can also choose modern wooden gazebo products that you will have for your garden as square, rectangular, octagonal gazebo or hexagonal gazebo

Installation Service;

As Tabiat Wood, we will be happy to help you to deliver our modern gazebo product to you as soon as possible with our well-trained staff.

Warranty & Maintenance:

All of our outdoor products are covered by a 2-year company warranty against production and workmanship defects and have a paint maintenance period every 5 years

Shipping & Delivery Time:

We have transportation all over Turkey.

(Out-of-Istanbul shipments are not included in the price)

15 working days from the date of order.

(Delivery date may be extended according to manufacturing intensity)



You can order our modern wooden gazebo products in any size and size you want. Our gazebo models are not limited to the models we have made so far, but are limited to the new and modern style gazebo models that we will produce in order to provide you with better service, comfortable and different designs, and ease of use

As Tabiat wood, we offer you many more services and personalized production opportunities for wooden products in our company, which manufactures wooden gazebos. Wooden gazebo prices may vary due to the material to be used, the desired model and features. For the right material and the right price information in our gazebo models, you can call us at 0 (533) 630 07 81 during working hours.

The gazebo, colloquially called the gazebo, is produced in many diameters and models. We use completely wooden materials in the production of our Wooden Gazebo products

Modern and stylish gazebos, which you can also choose for your garden, create the comfort of a closed area where you can spend time with your family in the open area without being affected by the sun's rays in summer or the rain in winter, as well as living spaces where you can have a pleasant time with your friends and collect good memories. You can easily turn our wooden gazebo models that you will have built in your garden into a room by covering them with wooden materials whenever you want.

If you wish, you can use our modern wooden gazebo models as a winter garden by covering them on 4 sides with folding or sliding windows.

As a Tabiat wood company, we can also insulate the roof cover of all our gazebo products that we manufacture with membrane + shingle or leaf patterned membrane on paneling.


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